Teresa and Tim

Original Title Teresa eta Galtzagorri
Production Year 2017
Languages available English, Spanish, Basque (OV)
Running Time75 minutes
Target AudienceKids 4-8
Production Company Dibulitoon
Executive Producer Ricardo Ramon
DirectorAgurtzane Intxaurraga
ScriptwriterJuan Luis Carreras
MusicJoseba Beristain
MaterialsDCP, DVD, BluRay
International Sales DIBULITOON SALES
ContactJone Landaluze
Skype: jone.landaluze



Every year, the elves bring us a new spring. TIM is a new one this year. Distracted by the attractive sound of the fair, he wanders away from the other elves. And he will be captured by SAMUEL and VLAD, who will exploit him as a circus attraction.

TERESA, a 6-year-old girl, is jealous of her little brother. When visiting the fair, she will discover TIM while he is being exhibited and she will become infatuated with him. TIM, at the same time, will see in her an opportunity to escape.

Hidden in TERESA’s house and protected by her, they will experience several adventures, becoming inseparable friends.
Over time, TIM will begin to transform. He has been away from his world and his people for too long. Only by helping him to return will TIM be saved. There is no time to lose. But be careful! VLAD is lurking!

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