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Dragon Guardians

Category Animated, Adventure, Family, Kids
Original Title Herensugeak, Haritzaren Bihotza
Production Year 2012
Release 2012
Country Spain
Languages available English, Spanish, Basque (OV)
Running Time 80 minutes
Target Audience 8-12
Production Company Dibulitoon Studio and Milimetros Dibujos Animados
Executive Producer Ricardo Ramón
Director Ricardo Ramón and Angel Izquierdo
Scriptwriter Antonio Zurera
Music Emilio Alquézar
Materials Digital
International Sales DIBULITOON SALES
Contact Jone Landaluze
+34 636697356

This is a fantasy story that takes place in a world threatened by Groomo, a scientist villain who wants to control the world by changing people's dreams by dreams and your wishes and remove. Nina, a little girl of seven years, will realize the danger emerging in the world of dream and fantasy.