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Category Animated, Adventure, Family, Kids
Original Title Elixir
Production Year 2014
Release 2014
Country Turkey
Languages available English, Turkish (OV)
Running Time 85 minutes
Target Audience Family
Production Company Siyah Marti
Executive Producer Hakan Danis
Director Birkan Uz
Scriptwriter Arzu Yurtseven
Music Volga Tamoz
Materials Digital
International Sales DIBULITOON SALES
Contact Jone Landaluze
+34 636697356

Kerem, who is now a young and extremely popular rock musician, grew up with his little sister, Buse, at his grandfather's farm after losing his parents. The grandpa, an extraordinary inventor, one day comes up with an elixir that enables humans to speak with animals and control their behavior. In order to prevent evil people from obtaining the formula, he keeps it a secret. However, Ökkeş, a boy from the same village who has a crush on Buse, knows about the elixir.