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Yoko & His Friends

Category Productions
Year 2015
Length 80 mins.
Country Spain, Russia
Director Juanjo Elordi, Rishat Gilmetdinov
Producer Dibulitoon Studio, Somuga, Wizart Animation
Screenplay Edorta Barruetabeña
Music Michael Richard Plowman

This is the third time that Vik and his family have moved to a different city. Vik is a shy child who finds it hard to make new friends, and whenever he finally does start to open up to someone, his father's job inevitably causes the family to up sticks and relocate to a different part of the country, and Vik has to start all over again. Luckily for him, this time he soon meets Mai and Oto in the city park. 

The enthusiasm and energy with which they play end up attracting the attention of a magical being who lives in the park: Yoko. Every day, after school, Vik runs to the park to meet his friends and go on amazing adventures, thanks to which he finally starts to feel that he's found his place in the world. Vik is happy at last, until one day his father is offered a job in another city...