Winnipeg Seeds of Hope

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Winnipeg Seeds of Hope

Category Productions
Year 2023
Length 80 minutes
Country Chili, Spain y France
Director Elio Quiroga y Beñat Beitia
Producer El Otro Film, Dibulitoon Studio, La Ballesta, Marmitafilms
Screenplay Laura Martel, Elio Quiroga y Beñat Beitia
Music Diego Navarro


Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope

Victor, a widowed father and his little daughter Julia, leave Spain when Barcelona falls to the Francoists in 1939. Concentration camps and hardships await them in France. But there is a possibility of fleeing: embarking on the Winnipeg a freighter that Neruda and the Quakers in Paris have chartered, to take them safely to a new destination: Valparaíso, Chile, where a new life is possible.