The Longest Voyage

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The longest voyage

Category Productions
Year 2020
Length 78 minutes
Country Spain
Director Manuel H. Martín
Producer La Claqueta PC, La Cruda Realidad, 28F La película AIE, Dibulitoon Studio, Radiotelevisión Española, SPi (Portugal)
Screenplay Manuel H. Martín y Antonio Fernández-Torres
Music Pedro Marques

"Everything a person can imagine, others can make it come true." Not even the author of this phrase, Jules Verne, could imagine that the trip to the Moon, which appeared in one of his wonderful stories, would come true.

In 2019, the 50th anniversary of the trip to the Moon was celebrated. A space adventure and a dream come true, crossing a new frontier to discover space. The trip to the Moon was the greatest human and technological challenge ... but is it really so?

When the world has celebrated the fifty years of the trip to the Moon, the V Centenary of the greatest technical challenge of the Renaissance has begun: the first round the world of Magellan and Elcano, an adventure that began in 1519 and culminated in 1522. A Unique event whose V Centenary has been considered by the Spanish government "event of special cultural public interest", both nationally and internationally.

Although it is hard for us to imagine, between that first trip around the world through the sea and the space adventure there are enormous common points: dreams, sacrifices, adventure ... and, above all, the journey of man towards a new frontier, further, deeper.

"The Longest Voyage" seeks, from the present, the keys to the past and the future, to offer a dialogue between historians and scientists to tell us a unique and exciting story. A documentary film that will have a unique visual style, through an interesting and well-documented story, combining in the filming real scenarios and interviews with archive images and spectacular animated scenes.