¿What it is?

Dibulitoon Studio SL is an independent production company renowned nationally and internationally which began operating in 1991. It has three lines of business: Entertainment and Media Production and Editorial, film production being its main activity.

The production company is specialized in the realization of animated feature films with the latest technologies and techniques in animation, devoting most of its activity to the production of films themselves.

Dibulitoon Studio has established itself in the market as one of the leading producers of animated feature films, making available to the major television cartoon films, documentaries, animation and highly successful series of national television.


Their core values are to be trendy in design and innovative techniques, the quality in each and every one of its products, magic and imagination they use in their achievements, and confidence they convey. It also has the latest technology in image postproduction and the proof is that his films can be seen in more than 50 countries. 

¿Who are We?

Dibulitoon Studio is a company whose business is mainly generated by the animation studio OWS and its own audiovisual production. Dibulitoon Studio was created in 1991. For nearly a decade, his main activity has been to develop various areas of production and television series. Just like the movies that have been home to many European companies that are already installed on the international market.